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The PLATINUM difference

Conventional complete dry food

With traditional complete dry dog food, the proteins usually come from a small proportion of meat meal and mainly from cereals and cereal by-products. When water has been added, the food pulp consisting of these components is heated to a high temperature and pressed into croquettes under high pressure. Each individual croquette is coated in a layer of starch that has to be broken down in the dog’s stomach first. The residual moisture is approx. 8 %.

PLATINUM takes a very different approach

We are the only manufacturer in the world to use over 70 % fresh meat, and can prove it ! Ingredients that are easy to digest are added, such as Rice, maize and/or potato, as well as cold-pressed oils, herbs, minerals and vitamins.

And: we are the only manufacturer to cook these ingredients in their own juices, without adding water, to preserve their nutritional value. That’s how PLATINUM maintains its high quality.