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MENU Chicken


Product Description

MENU Chicken

MENU Chicken is a complete wet dog food of the highest quality, made with 83 percent fresh chicken meat. We avoid adding water in the preparation of PLATINUM MENU – instead, our wet dog food is cooked entirely in the juices it contains naturally! The manufacturing process is not only particularly gentle, it also guarantees that the nutrients that are so important for dogs remain entirely natural and undiluted. All this ensures that our food is extremely beneficial and easy to digest.

Food change:
The changeover from conventional wet food to PLATINUM MENU can be made immediately without any transitional phase. If your dog has a very sensitive stomach, you can give it the PLATINUM MENU over a period of 1-2 days, introducing it slowly until the animal has fully changed over to it.


Analytical constituents Crude protein 15 %, crude fat 9,95 %, crude ash 2,75 %, calcium 0,5 %, crude fibre 0,5 %, phosphorus 0,35 %, moisture (natural content) 65 %
Composition Chicken meat (83 %), broken rice, dehydrated potato, broccoli, carrots, leek, olive oil, salmon oil.
Additives per kg Vitamins, provitamins and chemically well-defined substances having similar effect: (E-672) vitamin A 4,000 IU, (E-671) vitamin D3 480 IU, (3a700) vitamin E (alpha-tocoferol acetate) 60 mg. Trace elements or compounds of trace elements: (E-1) ferrous sulphate, heptahydrate 60 mg, (E-2) potassium Iodide 0.45 mg, (E-4) copper-(ll)-sulfate, pentahydrate 6 mg, (E-5) manganese-(ll)-sulfate, monohydrate 20 mg, (E-6) zinc oxide 65 mg, (E-8) sodium selenite 0.12 mg.


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