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The PLATINUM preparation – Innovative, Gentle and Tasty


The PLATINUM preparation – Innovative, Gentle and Tasty

Careful preparation in Tetra Recart®

It´s not just the ingredients that are crucial when preparing premium pet food. A special manufacturing process that protects the nutrients also plays its part!

This is why we use innovative packaging for PLATINUM MENU.
The special Tetra Pak packaging enables the dog food to be steam cooked in its own juices in an extremely gentle way. Thanks to the special shape of the Tetra Recart carton, the nutrients and vitamins that are crucial for dogs are retained through a short cooking time. In addition, PLATINUM MENU packaging is 100 % recyclable and thus particularly environmentally friendly.



The PLATINUM benefits
PLATINUM MENU quality provides visibly more vitality and better health benefits for your dog. Try it for yourself!

Shorter cooking time: more nutrients and more flavour


Due to the large distance from the outside of the tin to the centre, it takes a lot of time for food to be cooked in the core of the tin – this often results in the food at the edge of the tin being overcooked. The narrow Tetra Recart® carton however enables an optimally short cooking time.