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The PLATINUM recipe: Fresh meat; rich flavour


The PLATINUM recipe: Fresh meat; rich flavour

When you buy food for yourself you pay attention to quality and taste. Why not do the same when it comes to feeding your dog? Have a look at the dog food labels – and compare!

The PLATINUM recipe:

Only the best ingredients are used for the preparation of PLATINUM MENU: fresh meat from chicken and turkey, fresh fish (salmon, tuna or sardines) provide your dog with valuable proteins. GM-free rice or potatoes provide easily digestible carbohydrates. A selection of vegetables, wholesome salmon and olive oils, as well as additional vitamins and trace elements complete the recipe.

PLATINUM wholesome wet food does not contain:

  • Attractants
  • or flavour enhancers

… Guaranteed!!


Preparation wet food
Learn about the unique production method of our wet food.


At least 83 % fresh meat / fresh fish; proteins just like those found in nature. Rice or potatoes as high-quality, easily digestible ingredient for the carbohydrate component. Vegetables with natural antioxidants. Oils for the optimal balance of fats.